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Hexagone - Babygang 1991

The "Hexagone" megademo is probably one of the well known demo from the Babygang, with a good combination of great musics, graphics and code. Even if it's an oldschool megademo, there is a little pinch of "French touch" to it that wraps up everything (and a lot of bugs hiding in some parts...) Demo production ran from 1990 to 1991.

Until now I was unable to find any good complete capture of the demo on Youtube, most of the existing ones are even skipping the intro animations (guys, you should pay attention) so I asked El Gato to make us a full one which is available now on his youtube account here :

Some parts include effects that you can play with, but we haven't demonstrated those in the capture : if you want to try those, grab a joystick, stick it in port 2 and run the demo !

You'll find below also some screenshots along with some scroll texts from the demo. I tried to keep most of the english parts of the scrolltexts and will spare you with the French, somewhat rude parts (and personal info) that was written at that time, writers beeing either high or drunk or probably even both (I won't cite names). If you really want to read those, then play the demo.

The intro

Hexagone - Babygang 1991

As usual, Ludwig brought us a nice entirely customisable intro, with a starfield you can play with.

Text in the intro :

babygang presents hexagone intro by ludwig babygang members: chocapoc christ cygnus dany boy ddp joy kurgan ludwig midnight ozzy papa pwr tagada tagada b thm
unc'ben el gato chancer patriot peaceful chris arcade stryker
music by guy/scs of the force! space!

Loader and swap disk animation

Hexagone - Babygang 1991

Who else could handle better than Moses himself the tablets of the credits in the loader part of Hexagone where we were using the nice tunes from Guy Shavitt from Israel group Sidchip scratchers ?

Hexagone - Swap disk

And we got you a nice animated skeletton for the end of side 1 of the demo

Wetty wetta

Hexagone - Wetty wetta

Text in the loader to introduce the "Wetty wetta" part :

welcome to hexagone the latest production of the mighty french group 'babygang' and the sid ship scratchers for the musics (thanks to you guy shavitt for all those fantastic musics!!!) ... ok, now loading 'wetty wetta' an old but cool production done by joy.. now some fast credits for this cool loader ... coding done by ozzy, fli graphic by wildhawk and cool music by guy shavitt ... please wait loading and don't forget to press space!

Scroller text for this part :

what's this ?? a new net bouncer ??? oh no boys,this time i promise you something different ... what about a nice drop of water ??? okay?! let's go!
great now ..... but what can i do with it ??? hummm ... i'm searching for an idea ... aaahh ... i have found it !!! so look diz cool effect !!!
wwaaoouu ! have you ever see the same effect somewhere ? no, i don't think .... but diz part is very cool but something is still missing... what?
hehehe ... the most important thing in a demo ... a babygang logo of course and not a small one... i want a big one !!! come on my friend! ... come on ... okay now the bullshits ...
at first credits goes to : joy (me) for the codes , the water animation and the drop of water , scs for the coool music , the logo was done by kurgan/byg , i'll send a special mega greeting to crouton (cool guy!!!) , now i think it's the first time you read my funny name , (except those who gets my first part in "canabis" released at the shity transcom devil's party , hey transcom who's stole the amiga ??? he ?? ) at this time i'm coding at the country between 2 electricity cuts (stormy weather) , thats why i'll end this text before the next one .. .. joy of babygang signing off


Hexagone - Panthers

Scroll text for the loader, with some French :

entering the second part:'panthers' from my friends chocapoc and cygnus.. well, last week christ and midnight came at home to write all those texts for the loader .. but no chance for me, one week before the crest party those texts have been lost.. and as a matter of fact i have to rewrite them ... fuck!! now some words in french... ayant pris connaissance des textes des differentes parts, je decerne la medaille babygang a louis(chocapoc) pour en avoir mis plein la gueule a tous les membres du groupe!!!

Funny thing, in memory for this part you can find the following cartridge copy command that was used to put the credits text at the right place (around $5388) : "t 0400 07e8 5000" That were still the cartridge days where most of the code was produced within an assembly monitor...

Credits text :

hip! hop! dis is the credit scroll dudes ... ok,code by chocapoc!
panthers by cygnus! background(waterfall...) from an amiga picture! tranfered by joy with his utility and arranged by christ... logo by christ (j'ai bien aime ta cascade en forme de pate!)
music by guy shavitt (what a strange music end.nooo!) - - - - you know what i'm completly drunk but i must write dis fucky credit scroll!!! putain les mecs, je viens de me boire facile un litre et demie de biere... je suis vraiment bien gai !!! see ya soon guys! read the other scroll... bye chocapoc - may 1991! ouf...
restart-now 5 4 3 2 1 zero!

Scroll text, containing quite a long story (part in French redacted), this one contains a full date, which was something quite rare at that time :

yeaaaah !! ozzy and chocapoc are writting now... the past 'first january' chocapoc (alias louis le pro!!) has been come at home (in paris!) to advance our game:'megatanoi' ... but, the first of january is a big celebration and we decided to take all our machines and left paris for... 'saint malo' where a party was organized by many friends ... but a big problem has come ... this problem was about my 'funny' car ... hum (?) it's a 2cv then you must admit that 350 kms, it's a lot for a car which can't pass upper 100 km/h ... but, after few minutes of thinking we decided to leave our hot and reconfortants beds and 'coding chairs' for a travel !! of many hours.. and i promise you, a lot of actions.. for the poor chocapoc who came already of the south of france (approximately 700 kms) and i can say that this day he was a little bit tired .. but another day has come.. a terrible day .. well, he will certainly explain this trip better than i ... yohoooo! chocapoc at keys now!! it's true that was an awfull travel!! be carefull ----- let's go!!! 21h30 we stole the ozzy mother's sausages (for provisions !!,very usefull in fact!) 22h30 with a full gas car we drive on the national road in direction of britain... after several hours under rain we decided to stop to take a small rest! but we wanted to start the 2cv doesn't... a cool battery i must say ! it was a 2h00 aproximately. fortunately a strange man helped us by giving some perrier for our fucking battery... 2h30 ho yeaah! very cool,the car sleep again! and we decided (with our friend jean-yves,magali la nymphomane! et toute la clique!) to remove the battery and recharge it. 3h00 it was done but there was a big problem:we have destroyed accumulator so the battery can't be recharged for a while ,a long...it was always raining and the moon was a fully one when we turn on the 'glass cleaner' the car started to slow down and light to turn off.some seconds later,stopped again not for a while this time! (cool car, i like it!) so during the next hours we have to recharge the battery many times to drive only ten kms,time? 4h00...we reach a little dead village when our car stopped again,guess of what dudes? -5- -4- -3- -2- -1- -0- the battery you are right!!!!!!!! but also we ran out of gas!! and the race have to stop here........(i like it you know!) our friends decided to continue without us they were fed up with our good car! keys to ozzy now .. well, we have to sleep in this nice pretty town .. (imagine the face of chocapoc.. eh!!eh..it's cool hollydays with ozzy!!) during the night!! something awake me, cetainly a truck !! and for my surprise louis was not in the car... 3 hours later he came back too the car, and he explain me that he can't sleep with the noise of the rain and of the trucks.. then he has visited the village and stole many newspapers... 7h30 the gas-station opened .. we put plenty of gas in the car and recharge the battery... we have to drive 100kms to reach the party.. and smiles appear on our baddly faces ... 1km later the engine stopped and we have to arrest other cars on the road to help us.. a britain man stopped, but chocapoc during electrics manipulations was near to broke the battery of the poor man.. it was cold, and always raining .. our only breakfast was the saucisages stolen by louis ... after many kms, the car stopped again and louis decided to hitch hike to reach the nearest garage... it was 12h00 when we the car has been repaired .. but, i (ozzy) have no money left and chocapoc has to pay ... we started again with our new battery... arriving in a nice town we stopped to drink two hot (!) coffees ... we enter the bar with our ugly faces and smell... we finally arrived to 'saint malo' at 15h30... there all our friends were waiting for us with plenty bottles of vodka and tequilla .. ouuuuaais chocabigprick at keys now!! if you want to buy a cool car phone us !(no problems,waranty 5 years!) i just want to say that i sat on very cool seat in his car:it was destroyed and i couldn't see the road during all those 17 hours.... ok we started to drink,drink again and so on... i found ozzy totally drunk on the floor (he cleaned the kitchen!) i brought him outside to burp,haahh,slump,breeuaahh on the grass...since this night i have cool shoes colors... he started to breeaaarp again during the night in his bed!! oh,nice smell on his clothes..always in his car!! ok it seems there is nothing more to tell so if you want to go on holidays with us .. - bye -
buy our story collection 'les trips d'enfer' edition larousse.

Prise de tête part 2

Hexagone - Panthers

Scroll text for the loader :

oh!! hello ludwig.. what a nice part!! i must admit that 'prise de tete 2' is one of my favourite part.. well, a little message to stinger .. one day, and at this time i was in opale you have said me that babygang was one of the best demogroup!! and now i'm sure you were right !!! oh, i forgot .. there is again a kurgan's logo in this part.. can you remember the one in wetty wetta .. eh eh !! fuckin' pompom who have ripped kurgan's style!! (just joking.. but i don't like red!!!)

As usual with Ludwig, you get a lot of control for this part

Scroll text :

two years ago the babygang did 'prise de tete' now we are back with... 'prise de tete ... - part ii - a new demo coded by ludwig! with soundtrack by guy shavitt and graphics by kurgan.
instructions: connect a joystick in the port ii ... joystick left: change balls anim joystick right: change meteors anim joystick up: increment speed joystick down: decrement speed commodore key: swap meteors/stars space bar: swap text/logo ... enjoy this real piece of code !!! bye! run/stop to exit!


Hexagone - Sunshine

Scroll text for the loader :

here is 'sunshine' again a part from chocapoc and wildhawk!! a very nice art demo !! do you remember the yankees demo 'royal' there was the same part !! (uh not really the same !!) it was a shame .. coded by the lamest lamer of france :bocaderf ... coder number one he said !!! no guy, you are the shame of our great country .. have peace in lazer or other little groups... no more.. ###Sunshine

Funny cartridge times remains too in the memory of this part, the save command was captured on screen ($0400)

saving sun

Scroll text :

use port2! yoho!! cool dudes here are again wildhawk and chocapoc in another cool art'demo... and this very cool zik 'silence' by drax ... wildhawk wanted me to translate his message because he's too bad in english! ... like me!.... so let's read his message... youaahh!! ouuuff! i can say that byg had been very lucky!,cos they were near to loose a super!! giga! mega!! hyper!! cool! drawer... but who? do you ask me,sure it's me the famous wildhawk! i'm sure you want to know what's happened to me..and even if it doesn't interest you,i'll tell you it!! fifteen days ago i drove my 650cc 'dominator' when in a curve,i slid on oil and i finished my slip,after aproximately thirty meters,in the crash barrier and it's at this moment that the problems began...cos i took the crash barrier's stake on my back!. so i spent fifteen days at the hospital cos i broke my spinal column and i have to move with a plaster armor for 3 months... it's cool,isn't it? docs said that i could have been paralyzed to all my life so dis had been a very big loss for byg! i know that there are two members very disapointed to see me drawing again cos they would have to replace the master! he!he! can it be christ and midnight ... REDACTED FRENCH CRAP ccp/whk/october 1990

Mirror, mirror

Hexagone - Mirror mirror

Scroll text for the loader :

welcome to 'mirror, mirror' a new part coded by me (ozzy) with very cool graphix by wildhawk ... uh (?) have you appreciate my skeleton ?? siiide two ... eh!eh! and i let you guess the name of the graphist... (whk of course!! concerning the digit routine, this was a very old one and you'll be very surprise in few months perhaps in a trisomic boys demo!!?? a big hello to papapower who haven't done any demopart this time !! however he is working on a special packer !! perhaps especially for digits ? eh eh..

Not much scrolltext because of the low available memory in this part, maybe that's for the better when we see some of the other texts :)

Scroll text :

hi demofreaks ozzy is at the keys some fast credits bcoz of the memory graphix by wildhawk great code by ozzy logo by midnight music by guy shavitt cool for a first demo

Don’t let me down

Hexagone - Don't let me down

Scroll text for the loader :

loading 'don't let me down' a cool digit part coded by the hung man of babygang... hey, thm i've heard you have leave the good old 64 for the amiga... good luck guy... concerning the amiga again, what a surprise for me last month when i came to joy's house, to see his first work on amiga... 3d vectors!! uh (?) and he only codes since one week on 68000 .. argh!! sometimes i've a dream, the dream that i'll have my own amiga 2000..

Scroll text :

here is the hung man of the great team of the babygang
i hope that u like this demo coz i do
i have not coded a demo since about one year bcoz of a lack of computer and money to buy another one but now i am back to code some cool and fresh little pleasures oooops i said some little treasures but u had already understood this demo is dedicated to dany of the babygang which is the only to support my moral when i wanted to stop computing thanx to u dany your charset is better than the one i made much better
the tune you are listening to is the aggro mix of never let me down again by depeche mode from the lp called music for the masses
thanx to mad murdock of the malibu coders on amstrad for having given to me the compact disc version of this cool title
what can i say now else than i will certainly make my next demo also with digit it will perhaps contains a very special surprise
how about the music in the intro i hope u loved it

Credits text :

the babygang is proud to present you this new mega production never let me down aggro remix original tune done by depeche mode coming from lp music for the masses thanx to mad murdock & malibu coders for the cd version of this cool tune now the credits for this aggro mix
all codes done by the hung man / byg down charset come from an old demo it is a very cool one i think
up logo done by midnight of babygang center graf and little font by dany


Hexagone - Plotter

Loader text :

mmmmhh.. now loading the 3rd part done by joy and this time it's a real world record ... this part was coded a year ago then i can just let you appreciate this cool piece of code ... later... no chance for me, because of my exams in three weeks i can't go to the party and therefore i can't show any preview of our game named: megatanoi !! realised with my two friends souheil (cygnus) and louis (chocapoc) .. and it's with those two cool guys i've created a new professional group, the trisomic boys!!

Scroll text :

hohoho... what is that ??? a lame plotter ?! no! 'coz the babygang can't code a common part so look at the screen... guess how many dots ??? 100 ... 200 ... 300 ... hum ... the babygang is proud to present ya a new world record coz there are 1024 dots on this screen ... no joke! the 1024 dots plotter routine was coded in two hours by joy and improved in a few hours by ludwig and papapower !!! this part was finished last year but not used coz we were waiting for the mega-demo ... press run-stop to change sinus and space to escape !!! the music you are listening to was composed for us by the famous guy shavitt of the - sid ship scratchers !! - enjoy!

The crypt

Hexagone - The crypt

Scroll text :

.yo! dudes,enter the crypt . it's a wildhawk and chocapox cool demo! ok first the credits,all cool graphix by .wildhawk, all coding by .chocapoc .and the music by .drax... what a fucking scroll text to write again! wildhawk has just send his message,you will read it later! ....
i'll try! to tell interesting things but that will be hard to do!... ok,i met wildhawk at the meeting and we both started to make this part.each time i finished to code something .he told me that it will be better if there were a candle on the skull,some spiders,eyes for skulls or eyes behind the chimney! ouf! so i finished this cool part at home.... what do you think about his cool charset,good ins't it but what a shit to transfer it in a cool char format! i spent many hours in using those fucking windows with 'art studio'...merci whk! ok,the messy of wildhawk! greetings to my friends of yankees. FRENCH BS REDACTED

End part

Hexagone - The end

Scroll text :

babygang presents the last part of the demo what a terrible moment i hope you have enjoyed our mega release hexagone greets to illusion genesis legend cosmos d dom i_t censor d tpau ffourcg bml bonzai victims cosine and to our friends from the force
israel thanx ya for your great
musics special thanx to sonix
systems for the musics
good bye now it stime for

Hexagone - The end